How To Get Your Car Ready For Donation

15 April 2022
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


If you're ready to get rid of your old car and buy a new one, consider donating your old car to your favorite charity rather than trading it in or towing it to a junkyard. There are several different charities that accept car donations, so pick one that is the most meaningful for you, such as one that benefits veterans. There are several ways that your car can benefit a charity. First, it maybe provide someone who can't afford a vehicle with transportation to and from work or medical appointments. If you car is no longer in drivable condition, the charity can make money off of any salvageable parts. In many cases, a charity will accept totaled cars, or ones that are no longer running. They may even offer to have it towed from your home or a car repair shop at their own expense. Each charity has its own specific requirements, so check with your preferred charity prior to deciding on one. Not only will you be helping people in need, you'll also enjoy a tax deduction for the current year.

Here are some ways you can get your car ready for donation to a charity of your choice:

1. Gather All Paperwork

The most important task you'll need to do prior to donating your car is gathering all the necessary documents. You'll need a clean title in your name, as well as a title transfer form, which you can obtain at your local DMV office or online. Some charities may require a form detailing the automobile's accident history. 

2. Remove Personal Property 

Before donating your car, take time to gather any personal property from it. This includes all items from the glove compartment, as well as your trunk. Don't forget to check under the seats as well. Once the car is car donated, you won't be able to recover any belongings, such as a lost earring or important paperwork.

3. Clean the Car 

If the vehicle is in drivable condition and still has some life left in it, clean it up a bit, especially if you have young kids or pets. Vacuum up any food crumbs, fur, and other debris, and wipe the dash and doors down with an all-purpose vehicle cleaner. You can also clean the exterior by taking it through a car wash, or hosing it down yourself at home. As a courtesy, top off any fluids, such as engine oil and windshield wiper fluid. 

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