Should You Fix Your Car Or Junk It?

5 January 2023
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Most cars last for many years. In fact, you can drive an average car around 200,000 miles before you retire it. However, some cars wear out faster than this, while others last longer. So you might face a dilemma if you have an old car that needs work. Do you fix it or junk it? Many people face this question with their vehicles, but the answer varies. Here is a guide to help you decide whether to fix your car or junk it for cash.

Your car's value

First, do you know your car's value? For example, how much would a car appraiser say it's worth today in its current condition? How much is it worth if you fix the current problems? You can look up car values online instead of calling an appraiser, but this is always a vital factor to consider. After all, you might decide to fix the car if it's worth a decent amount. However, fixing it might not make sense if your car is only worth $500 after the repairs. If this is the case, selling it to a junk car buyer is the better option.

Repair costs

Of course, factoring in the repair costs is also helpful. For example, fixing it makes sense if you can spend $10 on a part to make the car run again. But if your car needs $500 worth of work, fixing it might not be the best move. Instead, you can junk the car.

Financial situation

Your financial situation also plays a role in this decision. Some people might not have enough money to buy a new car. Others might not have a good credit score, leaving them unable to acquire a car loan. So you can think about this factor as you decide to fix or junk the car.

Car's useful life

Finally, consider the car's useful life if you repair it. Will the vehicle last another year or two if you fix it? If not, your best option is to junk the car by selling it to a company that pays cash for cars.

Call a junk car buyer if you want to sell

You can contact a junk car buyer if you decide to sell your car. You might decide to junk it if your vehicle needs too much work. However, you might also be ready to get a newer vehicle. Contact a company that offers cash for cars to learn more.